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Letter to Minister & VBA


Minister for (Building) & Planning, Ms Lizzie Blandthorn MP

& Executive Director of Operations of VBA, Mr David Brockman

Dear Ms Blandthorn & Mr Brockman,

In late June 2022, the VBA published a short article about an outbreak of building practitioners lending their licenses to non-registered people to work and be paid within the building industry.

We wrote a BLOG about this for this website, and we have attached a copy here to save you looking it up.

This is a very serious situation, and we would like your detailed and knowledgeable response to the points raised in that BLOG. Here are the points again:

Play the same scenario, but with building practitioners lending or selling their licences; how are consumers affected by these illegal practices?

  • What happens to your “building or house”?

o How do you know, is the first question?

o What is the process for consumers, and what is the time frame?

o What if it is approved?

o Do you have to demolish partially or fully what has been constructed?

o Is it covered by Builders Warranty Insurance or other insurance?

Why doesn’t the VBA warn consumers, take out an ad on TV, name the parties they have found and the practitioners, and put out a formal “warning notice” anything less is a failure to disclose critically important information to the public?

These are serious matters, and we hope you take all the steps necessary to give clarity to the process and how any unfortunate consumers are supposed to deal with these illegal practices.

The role you and the VBA play is an important one and we will assist you an any way we can with our somewhat limited resources to give you any insights or further information if required.

We appreciate your time and look forward to your response and any remedies or rectifications of these ongoing dilemmas.

Yours faithfully,

Fiona O’Hehir, Our Team & Our Community

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