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Hope Builds For A Home

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This is a recreation of an article that originally appeared in Caulfield North Community ePaper on September 27, 2016. The original document is below. Original article by Holly McKay. Article recreation may be edited for spelling and clarity.

Senator Joins Fight For Lana's House Fix

By: Holly McKay

A wheelchair-bound Caulfield North woman trying to build her dream home may be a step closer to having her building nightmare untangled.

After seven years, three builders, and countless reports, Lana Zaitsen and her husband Boris still don't have a house to call home.

They say their dream home in Cromwell St is an unbelievable house of horrors, wrecked by a string of mistakes and unfinished work.

Building audits found serious defects, particularly with basement retaining walls.

Since a Leader report last month, Victorian Labor Senator Kim Carr has written to Planning Minister Richard Wynne asking him to view Mrs. Zaitsen's documents and advise on how the matter could be resolved.

Mr. Wynne confirmed he was aware of the problems with Mrs. Zaitsen's property and the Victorian Building Authority, the planning department, and the minister's office [was] working with her.

"We want to find a solution, but note that the history and issues involved are complex and we do not discuss individual cases publicly," Mr. Wynne's spokeswoman said.

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