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Cautionary Tale: How To Check The Registration Of Building Practitioners

Updated: Aug 17, 2022



Building Consumer Affairs is a free information-based website that comprises current and historical stories and analyses of how the Australian residential building industry operates.

Building Consumer Affairs believes the role and function of the building regulator are to monitor and enforce compliance. This ensures high standards in the building industry are maintained. Building Consumer Affairs will strive to assist consumers navigating the perilous pathway of construction by providing access to relevant information and sharing cautionary tales that will inform.

We actively collaborate with building industry representatives and engage directly with the government and the community to achieve our vision and purpose. Please contact us for more information.


About the Author:

Fiona paid $870,000 for her retirement property that last year was valued at half that being land value only.

Despite a valiant win at VCAT, Fiona's struggle for justice continues for her retirement home.

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